Street artists are known to fill life in the streets with their creativity and imagination. Street arts can be found all around the world. While known artists make some of them, others are made by unknown talented artists who like to give out their art without expecting anything. Street art is often termed as a wall painting or spray paint art, but many different types of street art are present around the world. Here are the top seven types of street art that you will often come across the urban streets.


One of the most popular street art is the one done on walls. It has a history which goes back to the ancient Egyptian and Greek period. Graffiti can be used to give out a message or just to make a plain wall look more attractive.


Sculptures are the 3D structures made by artists that are displayed on the streets. It includes processes such as carving, modelling and casting to make sculptures. Many sharp tools are used to carving different materials, including stones, wood, and bones. Mostly the sculptures are connected with political, religious, and historical belongings.

Poster art

Poster art is a type of 2D artistic drawing that is printed or drawn on papers. The artists use creative painting and calligraphic skills to create posters. These posters are attached to the walls or hanged vertically on different events for the viewers. Today poster art can be created using computer tools and then printed on papers.

3D wall graffiti

3D wall graffiti

One of the most popular types of street art that attracts customers is the 3D wall graffitis. It gives the feel like the objects in the art are popping out of the wall. Artists take time and practice to master this skill before they go on the streets. Both kids and adults get fascinated by this art and which also makes 3D wall graffiti artists earn a lot more for their work.

Sticker street art

From the childhood hobby of sticking stickers to our hands and books, some of the artists have taken this concept to streets. They make eye-catching stickers of different sizes and post them out on the streets to the trees, lampposts, walls and benches. While some stickers can be removed easily, others are meant to stay for a long time.

Spray paint murals

Many artists like to draw paintings directly on the walls using spray paints. These are called murals and are usually the representation of the abstract ideas of the artists. It makes the walls look cooler, and some of the paintings may even look realistic.

Sideway chalk art

Many artists are talented enough to create realistic images on the sidewalks. You may see a real man standing across the street, but as you move closer, you will find that it is only an elongated piece of art drawn on the sidewalk. Fake potholes is the simplest example of sidewalk art.