Art festivals tend to hold a special place in our hearts as they try to hit us with new concepts and provide a visual extravagance like never before. Festivals that are widely celebrated make matters all the more impressive as they take centre stage to be memorable. So when we look back at them, we will be able to understand the significance that it once had and acknowledge the different changes that have come along time. As a result, we decided to go back to 2017 and re-discover Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival. So control your excitement and continue reading.

1. Introduction

The festival was developed by Tauranga City Council in partnership with Oi YOU! And Tauranga Art Gallery. It was held from 28th March to 15th June and included some of the most extensive assemblies of Bansky works in the Southern Hemisphere. Apart from that, buildings across the city were added to the picture through the formation of giant artworks that featured New Zealand and international artists. Local artists and their work also acted as essential exhibits for the festival that managed to awaken the spirit of art.

2. Six Artists


The main highlight of the festival was the inclusion of six highly acclaimed international artists who created worlds within the festival. These long list of talented artists included Charles & Janine Williams, Ernest Zacharevic, Lucy McLauchlan, Sofles, Askew One and Jacob Yikes. As they were given a unique platform that was close to their interests, things went ahead to formulate a moment to be remembered forever. But things did not stop with these individuals because the festival made it a point to appreciate local art as they provided artists with a platform for exploration.

3. Intriguing and Modern

Intriguing and Modern

One of the most significant aspects of the festival was the outcome that people received after viewing the exhibits. Considering the lack of appreciation that goes on around for real art, Paradox was able to set things right. People who came forward to witness the same were able to understand art that stood to be intriguing and modern at the same time. Due to this particular combination, one can rightfully classify these works to be relevant and essential to this day. As a result, this modern gallery needs to come again and showcase things to the world.


Appreciating art festivals is a proper way of understanding the purpose and value of art. These festivals bring together individuals from across the world to help you understand the extent of their capabilities. So take some time off from reality and enter the world of creation, dreams and opportunities by moving ahead to sprinkle some art in your life.