There has been a lot of growing trends when it comes to art, and there are many street artists performing all around the world which has seen some incredibly clever ways to help incorporate in the nature around them. Here are our top 10 examples which can allow you to witness the best art examples.

Playful bears

This is an art piece which was created by 140 ideas in Sofia, Bulgaria. The family of the playful bears are some of which that are scaling the wall. There is a huge tree trunk which can give it the illusion of being three dimensional, which is emerging from the wall.

Lone leaf

Lone leaf

This is a beautiful masterpiece which is a simple street illusion created by Alexey Menshikov. This is a silhouette of a dead tree branch which is still alive, and there is a lone leaf sprouting on the top. This is one which allows people to see the branch as it mysteriously hovers in the air.

Peek a boo

This is a tribute to the artist Pasha P183 also known as Russian Banksy. This is a Lithuania based artist Ernest Zacharevic who created the peek-a-boo piece. It was located in the Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur which shows a man pulling the curtains through the greenery and looking into the street.

Fallen treeFallen tree

The fallen tree is a subtle yet clever way to help create this graffiti tree which has a fallen overlook. This is the first painting which looks upright that requires the street art team, which is made and remade to look as if it was fallen. The white spray is painted on real trees which adds to the illusion.

Humongous hair

This is one of the epic painting which allows you to see the artistry of people painting where they involve the things around the place. This is one such example where we can see the tangled branches has become the hair of the art and makes it look like someone needs a comb.

Painted leaves

This might look simple, but the artist has played with the shadows of the piece and made it look like it is natural where you will have to look at it twice to understand. There is a silhouette of a man which seems to be painting leaves on a wall which can take away from the fact that it is painting the tree itself. This is created by the street artist Pejac who ensure that they have a clever piece on the streets of Spain. This piece was made to look even more alive as this painting was done near actual trees which makes it hard to differentiate.